TIMS Restaurant

Restaurant KOT Software in coimbatore

Overall Main Software Module:

  • 1. Application Users System
  • 2. Table Master
  • 3. Billing
  • 4. KOT Billing
  • 1. Parcel Billing
  • 2. General Accounting system
  • 3. Hotel Management Reports
  • 4. Bar charts for Billing, KOT and Parcel Billing

Inventory Management :

Multi-dimensional features like product matrix classification. Support with colour, size, brand, season, garment type. Rate based classification, stock transfer & correction, Stock movement, multi-location stock handling, stock levels.

Reports :

Sales – daily, monthly, representative incentives, Analysis – product age, hourly sales, GP & TOP reports, multiple month comparison, Stock movement, audit reports, multi-location stock holding, size/colour/style based reports and other Dashboards

Accounting :

Accounting is a crucial discipline for keeping track of quantifiable factors for a business. Receipts, advanced payment & refund options, financial accounts and cheque maintenance and bank reconciliation play a key role in this solution.

Purchase Management :

Products are the backbone garments so they have to be ordered at right time, right quantity preventing wastage.